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The HSDS digitize your processes and factory hand in hand.
Then you can choose the right software solution on market.

Improve your business process sustainably and efficiently!

What we want

It is our goal to implement sustainable digital and automated business processes.

We enable the planning department, the construction and the operator to gradually implement individual and digital solutions.

Who we are

The HS Development & Services GmbH is an IT-Consulting company located in Bavaria.


To master the challenges of the digitization we work together with globally known companies from automotive, aerospace and mining for more than 17 years.

How we do

We create a detailed analysis of your requirements.

We do not only advice - but enable you to implement new IT-solutions!

(operative tasks in the planning e.g. the digital factory, the project planning or the data management)

We are an integrator for software solutions and consult you and your team even during project phases after the implementation!

Relevanz of digital solutions

Digital solutions and the increase of connection within the companies are essentials for a future oriented strategy
Relevant for that:


  • process optimisation

  • communication platforms

  • data management

  • ...

Challanges of companies today

Reasons for a reserved behavior of the companies in regards of the digital transformation are often methodology and technical deficits

  • anti attiude of the employees

  • lack of adaptation of the process to the new technology

  • incorrect valuation of requirements and use cases

  • ...

Essentials in regards of the software development

The requirements are very important in order to choose the right and best fitting software.
No matter whether you visualise, plan or operate - the following topics are essential:

  • security

  • usability

  • support 

  • ...

Our experience in digitization


Years Experience


Projects Virtual Factory

By linking IT & OT, visualize and master digital manufacturing worldwide.

Sustainable digitalization

Our customers

Digitale Fabrik BMW
Digitalization Siemens
Digital Transformation EKS InTec
Virtual Factory AUDI
Digital 4.0 Dassault Systemes
Sustainable Digitalization KUKA
Virtual Production Daimler
Industry 4.0 NetAllied Systems
Digital Innovation ABB
Digital Transformation Volkswagen
Digital Project Management CLYSO cloud system solution
Virtual Management Fanuc
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