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Protect your workers and facilities from explosions and fires

Explosion protection

Explospot Systems, as an OEM and Global Supplier, develops automatic explosion suppression systems for potentially explosive facilities. These systems are designed for underground mining, gas extraction, process plants, as well as personnel and asset protection in military and logistics areas. Within milliseconds, a spark, fire, or explosion is detected, triggering a suppression process that extinguishes the explosion. This effectively and sustainably protects employees, facilities, and the environment from fire or explosion hazards. A modern safety approach involves the digital manufacturing process of AI-assisted components and the digital security of the facility prior to installation.

The globally operating company, primarily manufacturing in South Africa, offers customized systems to enhance workplace safety. Explospot explosion suppression systems, known for their robustness, mobility, and modularity, can be deployed across a variety of applications.


For more information on potential applications and benefits of Explospot explosion suppression systems, click here:

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