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Parallel developments within the company generate unnecessary costs!

Project Management

Different departments work in parallel on the digital transformation of the company. Synchronized platforms, the use of synergies or existing tools are missing.

This generates unnecessary costs.


HS Development & Services GmbH can work with you with 17 years of experience. Let us tackle your challenges together with our two teams!

Connecting user, business and IT

  • controlling and improving of your requirement management / problem management

  • coordination of your IT & business departments

  • agile and modern project planning 3.0

Translating and enabling software development

  • processes can´t be changed: an adaptation of the software is necessary and has to be coordinated with the business departments and requested by the internal IT and the software vendor

  • customizing of your processes with new, more efficient methods while implementing new software to increase the effectiveness and productivity of your business

  • controlling and integrating established and new application lifecycle management systems as well as concepts to improve the software and methods of your business

IT-service and specialist and Agile Project Management 3.0

  • connecting agile and lean - project management

  • use smart and simple methods to make your project and your business a success

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Contact for Project Management

Arend Späth

  • Arend Späth LinkedIn

"Deliver solutions! Challenges are opportunities."


  • Tecnomatix Product development


  • Methods and Process - Automotive seit 2005

2012 - now: CEO der HS Development & Services GmbH (Germany)

2013 - now: CEO der Explospot Pty. Ltd. (South Africa)

2019 - now: Founder Digital5 Solution Pty. Ltd. (South Africa)

Speaks: German, English and Afrikaans

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