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Misunderstandings regarding the methods and processes of software providers are one of the big problems in software development and the reason for wrong business decisions!

Process Service & Coaching

Most software developments have been outsourced.

Companies buy software.

High costs and a lack of functions are the result of a lack of experience in the business departments. Communication between OT & IT and business departments is missing at all.

HS Development & Services GmbH enables your business areas, partners and suppliers to have the most important skills:

Enabling the teacher - Supervise the specialist - Assist the project

Virtual & Augmented Reality

  • visualization of results for quality control and improvement

  • presentation of the processes and tasks

  • VR and AR are helpful tools, but only if you can connect them with your data!

Stabilizing and controlling the data and collaboration quality


  • we will develop together a concept of incorporating your knowledge from development, planning and production into new products

  • increasing your company's productivity through a fast and flexible response to quality problems

  • by networking your process partners, you create the opportunity to incorporate feedback and suggestions for improvement of your products in real time

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Contact for Process Service & Coaching

Sascha Pfannenschmidt

  • Sascha Pfannenschmidt LinkedIn

"Enable the entire supply- and value chain. The ability to develop the data continuously and sustainably."


  • Commissioning and Automotive Construction experience

  • Roboter Offline and Online-Programming

  • Factory Planning und Production Simulation for more than 8 years

2012 - 2018:   Deputy CEO of the asp|technik GmbH (Germany)

2018 - today: Head of Business Development of the HS Development & Services 

                       GmbH (Germany)

2019 - today: Founder Digital5 Solution Pty. Ltd. (South Africa)

Speaks: Deutsch, Englisch

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