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Processes in the holistic supply chain are not changed - although this is a must have for a successful digitalization!

Process Management & Business IT

Changes of processes within the departments are necessary for a successful automatization and the use of the correct software.

Business departments are reluctant to change established processes and expect new software tools to perform the same functions as the old ones.

The HSDS generates new processes with the specialist to increase the efficiency of the new software use:

The collaboration process

connecting and empowering departments, suppliers and customers to communicate with each other and share state of work and developments


Transforming the automotive industry process. Learn from leading companies and utilize your product, resources and production know-how.
16 years of experience and development in processes and working methods, creates a unique expertise:

  • product design and development

  • resources and resource management

  • robotics and simulation

  • production and automation

Transformation from lean to smart factory

  • Think Big - Start Small - Scale Fast

  • high demands of the market on the product - seemingly endless development for unique and new products

  • the big picture has to be in focus - rapid development in short phases between milestones lead to a higher production maturity

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Contact for Process Management & Business IT Consulting

Göran Ehlert

"We empower your experts!"


  • VW WOB planning and simulation 12 years

  • CONNECT conception and implementation of KPDM

  • Team leader VW WOB

  • Supplier support


2018 - today: Senior Excellence Consultant HS Development & Services GmbH (Germany)

2012 - 2018: Process and resource planning Volkswagen AG (Germany)


Speaks: German, English

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