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Gain a head start with sustainable methods in digitization!

Relevanz digitaler Lösungen

The relevance of digital solutions in Industry 4.0


Digital solutions and the expansion of networks in a company are essential for a future-oriented strategy.


Relevant for this are:


  • Process optimization

  • Communication platforms

  • Data management



The possibilities of digital innovations are unlimited and yet untapped. For a sustainable positioning in the market, a company has to simplify business processes, expand internal and external communication and keep up with the times with digital transformation. The planning of operational activities and the action in everyday business is further developed & simplified by the synchronization of IT & OT (Information Technology & Operational Technology).


Sustainable digitization is not just about implementing new software or upgrading production systems. Digitization is a long-term approach to:


  • Increase efficiency

  • Permanently reduce costs

  • to meet the competition

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Challenges for companies

The reasons for the reluctance of companies with regard to digital transformation are both methodological and technical deficits.


Examples of technical deficits:

  • Incomplete data management

  • Processes not adapted for automation

  • Software system not suitable for cooperation between departments, suppliers and partners

The challenges in the digitization process start with problem analysis. In the decision-making phase for digital solutions, companies must detail and specify the requirements of the business processes.

New software or changing familiar work processes through digital optimization often poses problems not only for the technology. Employees are not integrated and left alone with changes by IT.

Examples of methodological deficits:


  • lack of coaching (hand in hand!)

  • Optimizations not integrated across departments / domains

  • Employees not integrated into the change process


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Convince employees of digital transformation


First, you need to understand and filter employee worries and concerns. There are employees who, fundamentally, simply don't want any change. On the other hand, there are also employees who have a feeling of being overwhelmed but who can basically be convinced.


The following points facilitate the introduction of digital solutions:


  • Take employees into the decision

  • Open communication in all hierarchies

  • Let industry experts and IT consultants support you

  • Time to get used to it


Before introducing new digital solutions, find out in which processes and where employees have problems. Show which optimizations give the individual areas added value (proof of value) & use external training courses to make the transition easier for employees.


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More efficiency & productivity with automation


You save time by digitizing and optimizing processes. Employees do not have to carry out automated processes themselves and can save time in project planning and achieve results faster.


The efficiency & productivity are increased by:


  • Elimination of intermediate steps / workarounds

  • Location-independent communication

  • Visualization of all data (BIM, BOM, BOP)



Planning with digital systems also prevents misunderstandings. Employees can solve problems with one another more easily and machines / systems can reproduce appropriate information.


The synchronicity between IT & OT is particularly important in data management. Data can be generated, accessed and understood along the entire value chain. Networking employees, machines and / or suppliers saves time, queries and the dissemination of misinformation.


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Significant components of software


When deciding for a new software, it depends on the needs and requirements of the company. Regardless of whether it is an information or communication software, the following points are important:


  • safety

  • usability

  • support


Software security must prevent unauthorized access to internal company data. Industrial espionage or hacker attacks can cause long-term damage to a company.


Relevant elements for data security:


  • Authentication for access to data

  • Users must be tracked

  • Developed according to the requirements of the legislator


The usability ensures that all authorized persons can access, reproduce and understand data across the board. This avoids errors such as different interpretations of the distribution of tasks or work steps. This is particularly important in everyday processes and when planning new projects.


The Support behind a software must be done promptly and regularly. When introducing new systems, in particular, there are often questions about the use or implementation. If queries are not explained quickly and clearly, this makes familiarization more difficult.


Regular updates are also required. For example, the manufacturer has to react to new legislation regarding security and data protection guidelines. Regular updates must also be offered for software adjustments and troubleshooting.


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