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Don't waste money and resources

to digitize your business!

Digitization - Just do it!

Digitale Produktentwicklung

Digitization of Product Development

Digitalisierung Prozess Visualisierung

Digitization of oil and gas processes and IOT

Software für Datenmanagement

Continuously and sustainably data management regardless of the software used

What moves our customers:

Digit. Produktentwicklung

"Hey Max, could you please share this 100 GB of data with our partners and customers?" - "Sure no problem"

Waiting times consume resources and money, and data must be shared with all partners in the supply chain in real time.

With the UBER Engine , data is visualized in seconds!


All partners in the holistic supply chain can view and discuss product developments, production simulations or real-time shop floor information worldwide in real time without hardware limitations!

Digitization of all Smart Industry 4.0 participants.

Digitization means to connect processes, methods and Operational Technologies (OT) with your Information Technology (IT) sustainably.

With smart and simple tools your company, partners and suppliers can increase productivity and efficiency.


Live real collaboration!
The Hyper Performance Manufacturing Hub

With generic and continuous data management, your suppliers, customers and partners can select any software they want.


In the end, the result is important - the quality of the data supplied.

With that you can use Siemens (Tecnomatix, Teamcenter, etc.),

Dassault (Delmia, CATIA V5, etc.) or robotic specific software from

KUKA (Kuka Sim),

ABB (Robot Studio) and

FANUC (Robo Guide).


Your partners can choose independently which software tools they want to use - That is real collaboration!

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